Dress Cleaning & Preservation



What’s Included: This price includes the preservation and cleaning of your dress & up to 5 items.
Each additional item is $40 extra.

Turnaround Time: Our preserving turnaround time averages 2-10 weeks, depending on the bridal season.

Eligible Items: Wedding dress, veil, headpiece, ring pillow, detachable train, overskirt, jacket, garter, hanger, straps, money bag, handkerchief, purse, gloves, or belt.

Additional Fees: Some items, such as shoes, slips, bouquets, extra items, or any item boxed separately, will incur a $40 fee.



 Note: We also offer a Complimentary Steam the week of the wedding for Dress Lounge brides only. Bridal Gown & Veil.  Appointment required.  Same day drop off and pick up.

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Do you dream of being able to pass down your dress, make it into a christening outfit, putting it on for your 50th anniversary? Then preservation of your dress is essential. Preserving your dress keeps it safe from the elements and allows you to enjoy your dress for a lifetime to come.

Wedding dresses are works of art. With their intricate beading, delicate lace, and stunning colors, your dress can start oxidizing, discoloring, or deteriorating due to sunlight and humidity and permanently creasing. Because of this, we recommend having your dress preserved within 3 months after the wedding.


No appointment is required. However, we do recommend dropping your dress off during the week, and not on the weekend. If an appointment time is easier, we would be happy to accommodate! You do not have to be a Dress Lounge customer to get this service, all brides are welcome. Don’t leave your beautiful dress hanging in your closet after your wedding. And the best part, once your items are finished, everything will arrive at your doorstep – no pick-up needed!